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Between the Sheets


10 Foolproof Ways to Get Out of Weekend Plans

Yep, we've all been there. We said we'd go on that date with the guy we aren't really into, to drinks with the girlfriend who just broke up with her boyfriend or to that family bbq where grandma is onto you about wearing ripped jeans. We agree to the date, the time, the location and then an hour prior to the commitment, we wanna bail. Putting actual clothes on, and the idea of socialising is suddenly a terrible idea. So you grab your phone, and start thinking of the perfect excuse to get yourself out of this predicament...STAT.

So we're here to help with 10 foolproof ways to stay in the sweatpants, and pull up the doona. You can thank us later.

1. Tell them you just threw up all over your apartment

2. Explain you totally forgot about (fictional person) coming over tomorrow and I have to clean the apartment

3. Lock the door & hide under the covers (they won't find you)

4. Upload a few pics to your MyStory on Snapchat of you in bed with tissues and a bottle of Sambucol 

5. Tell your date/friend that you forgot it was your cousins sisters ex-husbands birthday party (you obviously have to go)

6. Say you have been to the doctor and they actually prescribed at least 2 days in bed...with Netflix

7. Tell them that you started pre-drinking and hit it way too hard so you're now too tipsy to leave the house

8. Complain that you popped your hip out pulling on a tight pair of jeans

9. Use the excuse that you have to wait for the Naptime guy to deliver your new mattress

10. Now you have to trial the new mattress...for the next 100 days (soz busy!) 
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