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Between the Sheets


Here's Why Sleeping With Your Dog Is Actually Good For You

Good news, dog lovers! Letting your four-legged friend sleep in your bed may actually be a good thing. So maybe it's time to ditch the rules & invite your furry friend in.

Here's 6 reasons to justify dirty paws on the crisp linen sheets:

They could save your life. Dogs are super intuitive and have saved a number of people's lives while they are sleep. Whether it be responding to a house fire, a burglar or a potential health risk. 

They are warm. Our dog's body temp is generally 3 to 6 degrees higher than our own. Plus who needs a heater when you have a pup to keep you cozy. 

They help us relax & drift off. Studies have shown that the rhythmic breathing of your dog next to you, can actually lull you to sleep. 

They make us feel safe. There are medical benefits to having a dog. And some people feel safer or calmer with a dog in their bed. Especially if you live alone or your partner travels, it's nice to have another presence with you. 

They're good for our mental well-being. You know that happy, fuzzy feeling you instantly get when you pet your pup? How they can instantly change your mood in a heart beat. Yep, that's Oxytocin & dogs raise these levels, increasing our feelings of relaxation, trust and psychological stability. 

It makes dogs happy (der!). Let's face it, we're all suckers for giving our pets what they want. If they're happy, we're happy. 

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