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Between the Sheets


The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Positions

Whether you sleep on your back, your stomach or your side, or twisted up like a pretzel, how you spend your time in bed could be playing havoc on your health. If you wake up with unexplained aches and pains, changing the way you sleep could be the quick-fix solutions you've been looking for. 

Most sleeping positions have pros and cons - we can tell you which ones are best for your body, and which ones to avoid.

Back Sleepers

Pros: In a perfect world, everyone would sleep on their back. This position keep your spinal cord nice and straight, so you won't wake up feeling like you've been doing yoga in your sleep. Sleeping with a flat pillow (or no pillow at all if you're really hard-core), can further enhance the benefits of sleeping on your back by keeping your neck in a neutral position.

Cons: Sleeping flat on your back can make you snore like a freight train. Snoring might not sound like a big deal, but in severe cases it can lead to breathing difficulties. Lying on your back can cause your tongue to collapse into your airway, obstructing your breathing. If your breathing gets blocked off throughout the night, you may wake up feeling tired and frazzled. This is known as sleep apnoea, a potentially serious medical condition. If you suffer from sleep apnoea, try to sleep on your side.

Side Sleepers

Pros: If you're a side sleeper, we've got good news for you - this position opens up your airways, reduces acid reflux and stimulates the drainage of toxins from your lymph nodes. If you've eaten too much and need to pass out into a food coma, try to do so on your left side. This will take the body weight off your liver, so you can digest your meal more efficiently.

Cons: While sleeping on your side offers some benefits, this position also has its fair share of flaws. Falling asleep with one side of your face squished into your pillow can be back for your neck and shoulders, especially if you don't move around much in your sleep. You could wake up feeling stiff and sore, which is no way to start the day. 

Stomach Sleepers

Pros: Sorry stomach sleepers, but you might want to re-think your favourite sleeping position. While sleeping face down can help prevent snoring, that's pretty much the only pro. 

Cons: Sleeping on your stomach levels out your spine's natural curve, which can cause pain in your lower back. Having your head turned to one side all night can also strain your neck and cause ear aches. To avoid these adverse side effects, prop yourself on your side with some pillows before going to sleep. This will stop you from rolling over onto your stomach during the night.

If you're aiming to achieve a better quality of sleep, try experimenting with different positions to see what works best for your body. Of course, no matter what position you sleep in, having a quality mattress is key to comfort. To wake up feeling well-rested every morning, check out our range of mattresses.
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