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Between the Sheets


Here's What Your Sleep Position Says About You

So, we don't want to define who you are based on your sleep position. But...well, we kind of are. According to research (the legit stuff), sleep scientists suggest that someone's sleep position can tell you a lot about their personality traits. 

  1. Fetal Position. Those who sleep and find comfort in this position can be described as being a bit of a Karamello Koala. Tough on the outside, but a huge softy on this inside. They are typically shy when you first meet them but tend to open up relatively quickly. 
  2. Starfish. Exactly the way it sounds, a starfish sleeper sprawls out across the entire bed. These people are generally great friends, always willing to lend a hand or provide a shoulder to those in need. They do like to be the centre of attention from time to time. 
  3. Stargazer. These sleepers find themselves on their back with their arms wrapped around their head. They make friends easily and will do anything to protect those close to them. They have a happy go lucky outlook on life.
  4. Mummy. You sleep on your back with your arms down by your side. Those who sleep this way are typically fairly quiet, reserved and hold both themselves and other people to high standards.
  5. Freefaller. This one, you're laying on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and head turned to the side. These sleepers are usually social butterflies and enjoy other people's company. They don't have thick skin though and generally don't deal with criticism well. 
  6. Pillow Hugger. People who are pillow huggers generally lay on their side and snuggle into a pillow. Some even place one in between their knees too. These people hold high value to the close and personal bonds in their lives. They cherish relationships and the bond to family over everything else. 

So before you drift off into dreamland tonight, check out the position you find yourself in and see if it matches up with your personality. 

Image Source: PopSugar Photography / Maria del Rio

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