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Between the Sheets

Here's Why You Need a Naptime Mattress

The mattress in a box concept is still relatively new to Australia and it's all about changing the way we Nap. Think of the typical 'buying a bed' process. Walking into showroom, greeted by a pushy salesman and an overwhelmingly large amount of mattresses. Most of the time we aren't even sure what we're after. All we know is that we want something that is not too soft but not too hard. Something that stays cool in Summer & cosy in Winter. And something that works for both you and your partner (or furry companion). Then we awkwardly lie on 10 or so mattresses before we're expected to make a decision. It's like committing to someone after 10 minutes at speed dating. Ah not gunna happen! Avoid the awkward situations & see here why the Naptime Mattress is your ultimate Nap partner. 

Avoiding the dreaded 'mattress manoeurve'.
So your mattress may get delivered to your door, but where do you go from here. It's the awkward squeeze through the door, around corners & over stair railings. At this point, you've stopped 5 times, sworn a little and are walking too fast for the person who ended up walking backwards. So why wouldn't you just get a box delivered? It's a win win for everyone. Compact packaging means you can move it easily to wear it needs to be, unbox and watch it expand. Easy peasy! 

The unboxing process is actually fun.
The first thought you might have is 'how does one fit a mattress in this box'. Well, yep we do. And that's part of the fun, opening it up and watching it come to life. All you have to do is open the box, pull it out, cut open the packaging with our cutting tool, position and watch it work it's magic. The process only takes a couple of minutes so you'll be ready for light's out in no time! Less waiting, more napping. 

We offer 100 nights to fall in love.
We're not the pushy salesman who expects you to commit after jumping on and off 10 different beds in 10 minutes. We're in it for the long haul, offering 100 nights for you to really try the mattress. And if the spark just isn't there, Naptime takes it back free of charge and refunds your money. The ideal situation right!?

You can wear sweatpants & drink wine while you order.
It's kinda frowned upon to walk into a store with no bra, sweatpants & a glass of wine in hand. But you know where it's not frowned upon? At We're all for it! Order your mattress from the couch in the comfort of your own home. Why sacrifice comfort when buying comfort we say. Spend your weekends in bed rather than out buying one! Why, not when there's free delivery.

You receive it in 24 hours.
You know what's disappointing? When you're in a showroom, you find something you like and then the salesman comes back to tell you it will take 6 weeks to order, receive in store and deliver. But we deliver in 24 hours flat! So no need to delay the weekend bedroom re-vamp. We got you sorted!

And because getting a parcel is always exciting. 
Yep, we all know the feeling of getting a parcel in the mail. Clicking confirm order, tracking it and finally getting that knock at the door. It's like Christmas! That is reason enough to buy one right?

Order your Naptime Mattress online here & getting nappin'.

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